Throwing an Amazing Summer Party

As the temperatures start to rise and the days get longer, nothing sounds better than getting friends and family together for a little summer party. Celebrating the start of a new summer season can be easy and fun, especially with hacks available for decorating, food, and just about everything else you may need to get the party started. Here are some of our favorite tips on throwing an amazing summer party to welcome the new season and kickoff an amazing summer!


Go With a Theme

Go with a theme and stick to it for a great summer party. Some popular summer party themes maybe include luau, ice cream, pool, BBQ, and beach themes. You don’t have to match up everything, but having little whimsical accents is essential! Or make your own theme with colors, such as a neon party or pastels! Thinking outside of the box can lead to tons of decor and theme inspiration.


Serve Refreshing Drinks

Temperatures will be rising quickly, so you’ll want to beat the heat with a few refreshing drinks. Whether serving ice cold lemonade, sweet tea, or any other tasty drink, make sure your pitchers are loaded with extra ice! Make your drinks look extra pretty appealing by decorating with sliced fruit as well.


Have an Easy Tasty Meal

Hot temperatures won’t want to make you fire up the oven or grill, so if you want something easy and delicious, you could always turn to sandwiches, cold pasta salads, chips and dip, and other foods that don’t require cooking or baking. Don’t forget dessert! Ice pops and ice cream sandwiches should cover this department, and it will be just what everyone needs to stay oh-so-cool.


Set Up Game

Set up a volleyball net, inflatable pool, basketball hoop, and any other games you have for a casual round between all your guests. Even simple party games like musical chairs and charades can provide entertainment and a lot of laughs. They will probably break a sweat after a few rounds, so make sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand!


Keep Uninvited Guests Away

Summer is the season notorious for mosquitos and other bugs to come out and try to ruin all the fun. Keep all the bug spray on deck, and also arrange an array of strategically placed bug zappers and netting to ward off any pesky bugs from your party. This will also be helpful if you have food and open pitchers present.



A summer party is the perfect festivity to kick off the season! Your party will be a massive hit, because all you really need to do is provide cool treats and a great mood for your guests to enjoy themselves. Remember to enoy yourself and soak in the summer sun, as your mood can really set the overall mood of the party as well. If you are looking for tent rentals in Culver City to accommodate your big summer party, Town & Country Event Rentals is the spot for you!

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