Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe to Flush?

You can use flushable wipes for various reasons, such as makeup removal, sanitary reasons, baby hygiene, and more. Though flushable wipes are often advertised as being safe to flush down the toilet, it’s important to note that the toilet is a pretty delicate fixture. There is a long list of don’ts when it comes to what to flush and what not to. Flushable wipes are of a pretty strong material, leading many to doubt the truth behind whether these wipes can actually be flushed or not. If you’re an avid wipes user and want to learn the truth for the sake of your plumbing, read on to find out!


What are flushable wipes made of?

Flushable wet wipes are usually made from non-woven materials, which are usually fibrous materials like cellulose from wood pulp. These fibrous materials may also be reinforced by man-made fibers like polyethylene or polypropylene. Flushable wipes use shorter fibres than non-flushables, as well as different treatments to help disintegrate faster.

What determines if a wipe is ‘flushable’?

Nothing! There’s no true test that can determine whether something is ‘flushable’. In terms of wipes, many companies argue that flushable wipes can be flushed down a toilet, and though this is true, oftentimes wipes will take longer to break down because of their fiber materials. Many tests companies have done with their wipes only take into account a series of very specific considerations, such as only using a certain number of wipes per toilet trip, certain examples of human waste, and other examples of limited testing. What does this mean for you? Usage of flushable wipes differs for each person due to X,Y, or Z reasons. Chances are, your usage patterns may not fit the testing of wipe companies.


Dangers of flushable wipes

While those marketed wipes can be flushed down, chances are they will not break down completely. There have been many discoveries of disposable wet wipes being the culprits behind sewage failures. Plumbing is erratic and hard to decipher at times, so whether it’s old pipes or an error in infrastructure, too many flushable wipes trying to go down the toilet will inevitably lead to blockages.

Long Story Short…

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Flushable wet wipes are stronger than toilet paper, so if a toilet paper clog can occur, no doubt a wipe blockage can follow. There are a lot of reasons why flushable wipes may cause havoc on your plumbing, such as improper testing, wipe materials, individual usage, and more. For the sake of your plumbing, it’s recommended flushable wipes are treated like any other wipes and disposed of in a trash can. Errors do happen, so if you find yourself with a wipe clog, you’ll need to look to a professional. If you are looking for a plumber in Walnut, let The Original Plumbing Company come to your rescue. There’s nothing better than good working pipes, so make sure to do your part and throw those flushable wipes away instead!


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