Top Tips For Moving During Hotter Months

The summer months are the most popular time to move. Regardless of the rise in temperatures, around 40 million people in America move between April and September. This could be due to school and work vacations, less hectic schedules, and even the real estate market. Even if you’ve taken all the necessary steps to pack and move your belongings, the hot weather can make your move a challenge.


Moving is stressful, and the last thing you want to do is add to your stress with the heat. Let’s look at some great tips to help ease the stress of moving during hot summer months.


Tips for Moving During Hot Months


These tips can help ease the stress of moving in the summer heat.


1.   Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated


Moving is a lot of work and can take a significant time to finish. Whether you’re assisting with the move or doing it all yourself, you need to take care of your body, especially during the summer months. Eat healthy meals during the process. Try to stay away from heavy foods or anything that can weigh you down. Try adding fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein snacks to your daily meals, so you have the right energy for physical work.


Staying hydrated is even more critical as you are packing, moving, traveling, and unpacking. You don’t want to pass out! If you’re working with a crew of people, make sure to pack some extra snacks and water for all involved. It’s a great way to avoid any emergencies during the process.


2.   Consider Investing in Portable Fans


Investing in portable fans before moving will keep you cool during the move. You can use these while you’re packing up your old house, to cool down your new place, and even in your rental truck. Most portable fans are inexpensive and can come in handy during your move, especially if you get stuck in heavy traffic, or your AC isn’t set up at your new place. Keeping some cold towels for your face or shoulders is another excellent way to cool you down during your move.


3.   Watch Out for Delicate Items


One thing that many people don’t think about is the impact of the weather on their belongings. Intense heat can damage items like electronics, medications, food, and other belongings. If you have things that you need to watch in the heat, you should pack these separately to keep them as cool as possible.


4.   Book Your Moving Company in Advance


As summer is known to be the peak season for moving, hiring your moving service in advance is recommended. Most moving services are in high demand during busy months, so you need to plan accordingly. Try to book your mover three to four months in advance. They will be able to give you advice on how to make your move easier as well.


5.   Take Plenty of Breaks


You must plan your move wisely. If possible, look at the weather forecast and choose cooler days to load and unload your belongings. Even during the packing, do not rush. Take plenty of breaks to refresh yourself, so you don’t get drained or sick.


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