Difference Between a Convection and Conventional Oven

If you’re moving into a new house then chances are you may be looking for a brand-new oven. Maybe your old oven has gone past its lifespan and you are looking into finding a replacement oven. Your two options to choose from will usually be a convection or conventional oven. So what’s the difference between these two types of appliances, and which one is the better choice? Although it’s relatively easy to differentiate between a convection and conventional oven, finding the right one for you all depends on your household and cooking needs. Read on to find out!


What is a Convection and Conventional Oven?

Conventional and convection ovens can both be either gas or electric, and they do generally look the same. However, the greatest differentiator for these appliances is their heat distribution. A conventional oven’s source of heat is stationary and at the bottom, while the heat in a convection is blown by fans and circulates throughout the oven. Heat in a convection oven is more consistent, while a conventional oven’s heat is distributed differently, requiring more attention to the dish being cooked as to not have one side burnt over the other.


Benefits of a Convection or Conventional Oven:

You may have made up your mind about what oven you want, but it’s still better to look at some of the benefits for each. Here are some of the respective benefits of using a convection or conventional oven. Maybe you’ll even change your mind reading these!


Convection ovens: Even baking and heat distribution, improved browning, crisping, and roasting, quick preheating, better cooking for multiple dishes at once, and faster cooking times as well


Conventional ovens: More familiar functionality, most recipes are still formulated for cooking with this type of oven, works well for certain moist and delicate desserts such as custards, cupcakes, and sweet breads


Which One Works for Me?

It honestly depends on your oven needs. If you frequently use the oven for a variety of large meals containing multiple dishes, then a convection oven may be the right choice for you. If you’re a baking connoisseur who loves to try out new recipes and will give the appropriate attention to desserts as they bake, then a conventional oven may also work. It’s important to note that some convection ovens do have a conventional oven setting, although you may still prefer to go for an original conventional oven anyway. If you are a frequent recipe follower then a conventional oven may also work, although you can convert recipes for convection ovens as well.


A convection and conventional oven offer different experiences for all your baking and cooking needs. Although the type of oven you choose will no doubt satisfy your household requirements, no oven is safe from needing repairs. If you are looking for appliance repair in Winchester, Kwik Appliance Repair has got you covered. With a repaired oven working as it should, you’ll feel unstoppable when it comes to your next cooking or baking project!


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