What Are Smart Thermostats? Everything You Need to Know

HVAC technology continues to grow with time. Today, programmable thermostats have replaced the dial-type thermostat. Now, smart thermostats are the up and coming trend and many customers are considering making the switch.


If you’re searching for a cost-effective and easy method to control the temperature of your home, smart thermostats are the way to go. Traditional, non-programmable thermostats do not save as much energy as these Wi-Fi-enabled ones. That’s because they come with various energy saving advantages, such as the ability to detect when you’ve left the room for the day and adjust the temperature accordingly. Let’s dive deeper into the topic of smart thermostats so you can decide whether it’s time to make the switch.


What Are Smart Thermostats?


A smart thermostat works exactly as a traditional thermostat to operate your HVAC equipment, except it provides several additional amenities and benefits that traditional thermostats lack. Smart thermostats allow you to monitor and regulate your home’s heating and cooling systems in a more technologically sophisticated and convenient manner.


They utilize powerful artificial intelligence to learn your routine and preferences over time, such as what time you usually get up and when you leave the house. This allows them to save energy and decrease your electricity cost substantially.


Smart thermostats address common issues in ways no other thermostat has done before, increasing your HVAC system’s efficiency and improving user-friendliness.


Features of Smart Thermostats


Almost all smart thermostats include the following features:


Wi-Fi Capabilities


Wireless technology allows homeowners to regulate energy use and access the thermostat even while they are not at home. The ability to operate smart thermostats from a distance is one of their most appealing features. Smart thermostats allow you to manage your thermostat and modify temperature settings at your fingertips using a smartphone app. If you want your home cool when  you return home, then you simply install the app on your smartphone and set your thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature around the time you plan to be home.


Saves Energy


Most smart thermostats have a web portal that provides energy use statistics to the homeowner, which can be conveniently accessed from any device. The purpose of this information is to assist consumers in better understanding how their HVAC equipment consumes energy and how to make modifications to reduce consumption even further.


These capabilities allow you to track, monitor, and improve your energy consumption over time. When compared to a traditional thermostat, a smart thermostat can save you money on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.


Temperature Adjustment


Smart thermostats utilize pattern recognition to learn your temperature preferences over time, so they can strategically cool or heat your house when you need it. These Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets can learn when you typically wake up in the morning and start heating your home so you can wake up in a warm room.


Simple Controls


Smart thermostats include a large, colorful display that is simple to program. They can also be linked to mobile applications, allowing you to control the temperature from your phone. You can change your thermostat whether you’re at home or lounging on your couch, as long as you have an internet connection. The gadgets also automatically convert to standard or daylight savings time when the time changes in the spring and autumn.


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