Why is Routine Drain Cleaning So Important?

Many residential property owners wonder whether routine drain cleaning is necessary for their homes. Is it really essential to invest in a preventative service, especially if you haven’t had issues with your drains in the past?


Believe it or not, most household drains are a clog waiting to happen. Dirt from your hands, fallen strands of hair, food particles, and other debris builds up over time. Eventually, the collected waste can cause slow drainage in pipes, pungent smells, or even damage your entire plumbing system. Let’s discuss why routine drain cleaning is vital for residential homeowners.


Risks You Avoid with Routine Drain Cleaning


When you invest in routine drain cleaning services, you save the headache of the following risks of clogged drains.


Foul Odors


Blocked drains prevent water from flowing normally. As debris and stagnant water accumulated, you will start to notice a foul odor in your home. In many cases, the stagnant water in your drains causes harmful bacteria to grow, adding to the smell. These odors can be tough to eliminate, making you wish you had invested in routine drain cleaning to start.


Blocked Drains


It can be frustrating to have a slow draining shower or sink due to a minor blockage, but you can usually fix it by removing the clog. However, if your drain is completely blocked and nothing can pass through, you’ll need to hire a professional drain cleaning service immediately for repairs. It’s not uncommon for a clogged drain to damage your plumbing system or even rupture your sewer pipes over time. If you’re not careful with your drains, minor clogs can quickly spiral out of control and cause you substantial plumbing expenses.


Costly Repairs


Another reason you should invest in a routine cleaning service is to help avoid more significant plumbing issues. When your local plumber is cleaning your pipes, they can sometimes detect problems and provide proactive repairs. This will help you avoid more considerable plumbing damage and expensive repairs in the future.


Older pipes are prone to rust, leaks, and tree root penetration. As a result, you can end up with costly damage without even knowing there is a problem. Professional drain cleaning is a proactive way to extend the life of your drains and avoid more significant issues that require costly repairs.


Unhealthy Effects


When bacteria and bugs grow in dirty drains, they can easily travel into your home. This is a significant health hazard for your entire family. It can impair the quality of your indoor air as well as the water you’re using daily. Routine drain cleaning can ensure that your home is in top shape and help you prioritize your health, and avoid any issues that can come from bacteria growth in dirty drains.


Unhealthy Outdoor Drainage


Poor drainage systems can cause problems both inside and outside your home. This can lead to soil erosion, slick surfaces, mold growth, and breeding grounds for insects and other pests. It can also damage your flowers and plants and be a health hazard for pets or small children. By hiring a professional drain cleaning service, you can avoid the risk of damage from blocked outdoor drains.


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