Types of Glass Showers

There are many options to consider when looking for shower glass. Below are two of the things to consider when upgrading your existing shower. Consult with a professional shower glass company for all of your option for your project.

First, what type of glass do you want for your glass shower? Do you prefer lots of light or desire more privacy? For more light in your shower you will want to pick a clear or lightly tinted glass. Clear glass looks good with almost any décor. For an extra clear glass, without the greenish tint, ask about low-iron glass options. Low-iron glass provides stunning clarity and true colorization. The drawback of choosing clear glass is when it comes to cleaning. Clear glass will show hard water stains and soap scum more easily. If you want more privacy a heavily tinted or textured glass will be more suitable. You can use a plain frosted look, or a frosted pattern look. A professional will install the smooth side of the textured glass on the inside of the shower to make cleaning easier. The rough patterned side should be on the outside. A completely frosted glass shower enclosure is a smart option if the bathroom is shared by multiple people. For a more modern take on privacy, consider tinted glass. Tinted glass can provide a bit of privacy, while giving the shower a modern look. Tints are available in a wide variety of colors. Patterned glass is another great way to add some privacy and flare to your shower. Rain glass is textured to look like rain drops on one side of the glass. This pattern blends well with almost any décor.

Secondly, do you want your shower to have a frame? Deciding to have a frame or not will affect the type of glass you can ultimately pick. Frameless showers require thicker glass. Frameless showers are more modern is design. They require special hardware to secure the glass to the walls. Frameless showers are not able to support a sliding door, as there is not a track for the door to glide on.  Instead this type of shower will have to have a pivoting door. Framed shower are more of a standard look. You can choose from a variety of metal looks to match your décor. Framed showers can use thinner glass than frameless options, which may give you a greater variety in glass choice. Framed shower are also cheaper, and easier to install. You also have the choice between or pivoting shower doors. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, consider choosing a framed shower so you can have a sliding door. A Sliding shower door does not need additional space beyond the shower, making it a better choice in the small space.

Before beginning any project, it is also best to consult with a professional shower glass company. Hiring a professional company will give you the best options for your project. The knowledge and materials a professional company has will make sure your project is installed correctly and looks great!

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