5 Things That Any Plumber Should Know

There are plumbing skills that are meant for the most advanced plumbers, but there are also certain skills that any plumber should know if they are certified and have the correct licenses. Most people do not give the basic skills of plumbing a second thought, but they can sometimes make or break the skill level of any plumber. Knowing the main basic skills of plumbing can provide comfort that the plumber you plan on hiring is effective and will do a good job. A good plumber will know each of the skills to their full extent and understand them all.



Here are 5 things that any plumber should know.



  1. Know where the water for your home is coming from


Any plumber should easily be able to figure out the source of water to your home, whether it is from a private pump, residential well, or a city water line. Each water source depends on where the home is, and the plumber should know almost immediately where the water is coming from.



  1. How to test the quality of the water


It is extremely important for the plumber to know how to test the water quality if the water is coming from a well. Testing the water at least once per year is important, and a plumber should know how to do that since soil can shift and change, leading to changes in the water quality that can be harmful to humans.



  1. Be able to locate and turn off a water main


When working in plumbing, it is important to be able to know how to locate and turn off a water main because if you start doing plumbing work without turning it off, it can easily flood the area that the plumber is working in. It is usually on the street or in the basement of homes in residential areas, and if the plumber can not find that or turn it off, it is time to find a new plumber.



  1. Find individual cut off valves


Knowing how to find, check, and how to use the cut off valves on any appliance that uses water is a very basic and fundamental skill and plumber needs to know. These values turn off water for things in the home without having to turn off the main water, and it is important that the plumber uses these for the same reasons that they need to know how to use a water main.



  1. How to test water pressure


Knowing how to test water pressure before, during, or after any project is very important. If the plumber does not know how to do this, it is very likely they are not licensed or reliable. This is one of the more important basic skills that they should know how to do, and if they are lacking in knowing how, they should not be a plumber.



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