10 Cool Facts About Air Conditioners Everyone Should Know

When looking into air conditioning, a lot of people look for the best thing for their home and everything they need to have a properly cooled home. Lots of people, when the words air conditioning are mentioned, think of cool air, the cold, and temperatures, but one thing that does not come to mind immediately is cool or fun. But there are plenty of cool and fun things to know about your air conditioning. While knowing what you need for your home is important, it is pretty cool to know some cool or fun facts about your air conditioning.



Here are 10 cool facts about air conditioners everyone should know.



  1. One of the first air conditioners recorded that was commercial was created in 180 AD by a famous inventor from the Han dynasty. It was a large machine that created air flow by a single person cranking 7 10 foot diameter fans. It could cool large spaces and halls easily and was a hit to create cool spaces for people to rest in.


  1. In the 1840s, a doctor used ice from northern lakes to cool hospital rooms since he believed that it was important to have cool rooms to help cure things like malaria. He eventually created a machine that created ice using things like water, wind, and steam, helping set the stage for modern cooling.


  1. The first electric fan was invented in 1882 by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. About 20 years later in 1902, Willis Carrier invented the first ever air conditioner and just a year after in 1903, the New York Stock Exchange became one of the first buildings to have indoor air conditioning.


  1. Summer blockbusters became quite popular pretty quick because of air conditioning since people typically want to enjoy the cool air during the hot months. Many production companies started to take advantage of this fact and started to release more and more movies during the summer months.


  1. Air conditioning used to be very expensive and too expensive to install throughout all of the homes in the world, but around the 1960s, at home air conditioning units became cheaper, allowing for everyone to start installing AC into their homes.


  1. Depending on the area you live in and how often your AC systems are running, the average American spends around $2,200 on energy costs and about half of that is used for heating and cooling.


  1. The largest AC system in the world is in the Holy Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


  1. The quality of the installation of your air conditioning system directly affects the efficiency of the system. This is most easily seen in New York City since building owners lose tons of money on badly installed air conditioners.


  1. Because of how humidity works, homes with lower humidity levels feel cooler compared to homes with higher humidity levels.


  1. Excessive and strong heat reduces productivity and increases the number of mistakes made by 5 mistakes per hour. And air conditioning can save lives because those without air conditioning can sometimes tragically die.



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