The Effects of COVID-19 on Separation and Divorce

To say that COVID-19 has put immense strain on even the strongest relationships is an understatement. Sharing the same home, school, and workspace. Facing a financial crisis. Dealing with all the pressures of lockdown have created a perfect storm for most families that has dramatically impacted marriages worldwide. With record divorce rates already present, how has COVID-19 played a role in separation and divorce today?


COVID-19 has had the most diverse effects on marital relationships across the world. In some cases, it has become the cause of breakups. In others, it has strengthened relationships and caused couples to work things out instead of getting separated or divorced.


This article will discuss the effects of COVID-19 on divorce and separation.


Primary Causes of Spikes in Divorce Rates During Pandemic


The most common causes of divorce rate spikes include:


Financial Crisis


COVID-19 had a significant impact on jobs and employment history in the United States. The temporary halt or termination of employees has led to poverty and financial depression for countless families.  Couples who have fallen victim to this economic crisis have noticed significant challenges in their relationships, as they cannot fulfill their living family obligations.


Financial depression creates a significant impact on individuals and relationships. Ultimately, this has become one of the most common causes of increased divorce rates during the pandemic.




It may seem complicated to believe that couples that were once part of a long-lasting, strong marital relationship are now choosing divorce because of the impact of isolation due to COVID. Research proves that isolation, a key factor in preventing the contraction of the COVID disease, served as a common cause of break-ups.




COVID-19 was a new virus that came with significant media attention, news coverage, countless myths, and intense fear that set many people into a depression. Poor mental health can lead to frustration, irritability, and other emotional problems that can put a strain on your marriage. As people spend more time in lockdown, they find themselves allowing the effects of depression to impact their marriage. This has been a significant cause of separation and divorce across the United States.


COVID-19 Pandemic Strengthens Relationships


While COVID was the primary cause of many divorces, it has also strengthened many relationships as well. People have had much more time to spend with their spouses and children, while isolated from friends, family, work, and other obligations. Here is how COVID has helped strengthen relationships:


New Priorities


Although the pandemic was the reason behind depression and isolation, being locked down under one roof has also strengthened some relationships. Before the pandemic, social lives, friends, and work were the priorities for many people. With the lockdown of COVID-19 many families shifted their priorities to focus on their health, children, romantic partners, and families. For couples on the verge of divorce, this has improved their relationships.


Trying New Things


Many couples were able to spend quality time with their partners during lockdown, trying new things and finding different ways to connect. Preparing healthy lunches and dinners for each other, exercising together, and spending time together without the hustle and bustle of everyday life has strengthened many relationships despite the global pandemic.


New Appreciation and Commitment


Many couples understood the sensitivity of the challenging situation and started boosting each other’s morale by becoming positive energy. This has led to new appreciations between couples and an increased commitment to one another. Instead of fighting or becoming angry about the problematic parts of the lockdown, some remained calm and grew closer together.


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