Signs Your Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

rains are a key vessel to take away any used or wastewater out of your household without a single problem. However, it is not a secret that even the strongest drain can suffer from a clog and need to be cleaned out as soon as possible to get back to its regular function. Delaying a drain cleaning is not recommended either, as this can cause a more stubborn clog to develop that leads to sudden chaos in your household. So what are some signs that your drain is in need of a major cleaning session, and stat? Signs include:


Slow Drains

If water is taking too long to go down your drain, or is going at a very slow pace, this is usually a clear indication that it is time to get a drain cleaning session. Hair, food, and other debris may be starting to obstruct the drain, causing a slowdown in draining.

Standing Water

When drains aren’t doing what they’re supposed to (which is drain!) and there is standing water just hanging out in your sink or tub, this can signal that there may be an obstruction in your drain and it is time for a drain cleaning service.

Clogged Drains

Usually the number 1 indicator that it’s time for a drain cleaning session, clogged drains can interfere with your household routine completely. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs due to the accumulation of gunk, grease, hair, and so on, then your drains need cleaning as soon as possible.

Gurgling Sounds

Your drains may be working just fine, but if you hear gurgling sounds coming every time water goes down your drain, this may signal a problem developing, usually a clog. When buildup starts to accumulate down your drain, it creates air bubbles when water pushes past it, hence gurgling sounds. If you’re hearing a lot of gurgling, it’s time to call a professional plumbing company for a drain cleaning session.

Foul Odors

Have you started to notice some really bad odors in your kitchen? After closer inspection, you may deduce the odor is coming from your drain. When food and other waste starts to accumulate in your drain, it will begin to give off a terrible odor as it rots. A drain cleaning service job is needed quickly to take care of any waste accumulation and leave drains back to their perfect working condition!

Need Drain Cleaning?

If your drains are starting to show signs that it’s time for a drain cleaning service, don’t delay. Further delaying a much-needed drain cleaning service can cause disruptions to your household in the form of expensive drain damages and stubborn clogs! You may even start to face sewage backflow and other messy problems. Looking for a plumber in Monrovia or a plumber in Los Angeles to take care of your next drain cleaning session? Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning have got you covered! With clean drains, you can be confident your plumbing is working exactly as it should be.

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