Lawn Care Basics for New Homeowners

Have you recently bought a new home and can’t wait to decorate it according to your style and preferences? If you’re a first-time homeowner and used to living in an apartment or condo before, then caring for a lawn might be a new experience for you. Initially, taking up the responsibility for lawn care might feel overwhelming. However, things will get much better once you get the hang of it.


Are you unsure how often you’ll need to water the lawn? Do you not know the correct way to mow the grass? With these tips, you will be able to understand all the lawn care basics in no time.


Lawn Care Basics for New Homeowners


Some of the most valuable advice moving companies give is tips on what to do when you get settled in your new home. Here are some lawn care basics you should keep in mind:


1.   Understand the Type of Grass You Have


Since there are different types of grass available in other areas, you need to figure out if your current grass is suitable for your property. Usually, the northern climates have Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue. At the same time, the southern states are famous for having zoysia or Bermuda grass. Once you know the type of grass in your yard, consult a professional about scheduling lawn care services or get helpful tips on how you can care for your grass effectively.


2.   Mow Your Lawn Correctly


If you haven’t mowed a lawn before, then it’s time to get that mower out and get to learning. If your lawn has gotten out of control and the grass is uneven, then your first job should be to get the grass back into shape. Make sure that your mower blades are sharp because dull blades will tear apart the grass instead of trimming it. To maintain the height of the grass, make sure you mow every few days.


3.   Test Your Soil


If you are aware of the pH level of your soil, you can determine the best treatment plan for your lawn. To know if the soil is good enough for planting different species, you will have to collect soil samples from your lawn and get them tested at a lab. It is better to get your soil tested before planting anything. It will save you from trouble and unnecessary expenses.


4.   Remove Weeds


Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in your garden and throughout your lawn. The worst part about weeds is that they keep on returning no matter how many times you remove them. If you remove weeds while they are still young, your lawn will remain well-maintained, and you won’t have to worry about your plants looking overgrown. When pulling out weeds, make sure to remove the entire plant, including the roots.


5.   Get Creative with Edges


Don’t you want to make sure that your lawn looks neat and presentable when you have company? With the right edges around the yard, your property will be in top shape! Edges also will prevent the grass from growing at random places and keep everything neat and contained. You can add wood, plastic, soil, and other landscaping decors to further improve the look of your property.


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