Is It Okay To Reroof Over Old Shingles

Is it okay to reroof over old shingles

Is it Okay to Re-Roof Over Old Shingles?

If you have old shingles on your roof and are planning to reroof it again, you may wonder if it is okay to re-roof over them. Adding new shingles over the old ones will add extra weight to the roof. Also, it may result in damage to your home.

re-roofing over old shingles

Before re-roofing, you need to remove all the old shingles and any debris. You also need to repair damaged sheathing and underlayment. You might need to replace OSB or plywood, if it is bad. The new layer must cover a smooth surface. The new shingles should cover any damaged or broken shingles. You must also remove any existing metal flashing.

Re-roofing old shingles is an alternative to full reroofing. Re-roofing an old roof can be a good option for homeowners in areas that experience harsh weather. It allows them to delay the time it takes to dispose of the old shingles and postpone the cost of disposing them. Additionally, re-roofing an existing roof extends the life of the roof and the foundation of your house.

Costs less than tear-off

Costs for a tear-off and re-roof job vary, depending on the material used, the square footage, and the quality of workmanship. However, the re-roofing process is usually less expensive than the tear-off. Prices include materials, removal of up to two layers of old shingles, and professional installation. Additionally, the cost may include permit fees and disposal fees.

The cost of a tear-off and re-roof job varies widely, but typically ranges from $5706 to $11,185. The cost may vary if you’re replacing the entire roof or only a section of it. The cost of a single bundle of shingles ranges from $30 to $50, so you can save money by removing only a small section of shingles.

Adds weight to house

When roofing over old shingles, it’s important to understand the weight of the new shingles. The added weight can cause a problem for the roof sheathing and weaken the structure. This is one of the reasons why most roofers won’t install new shingles over old ones.

Standard asphalt shingles weigh approximately 2.5 pounds per square foot. Twox8s and 3/4-inch plywood add a further 3 pounds. And if you’re roofing over old shingles, you’ll need to add another 8 pounds of felt.

Increases risk of damage

There are several potential problems associated with roofing over old shingles, including the potential for weakened roof construction. This can lead to serious damage to the home. A second layer of shingles can obscure flaws in the roof sheathing, and these problems can go undetected. The added weight of a second layer also increases pressure on the roof decking. Moreno Valley Roofer This is especially problematic in harsh weather.

As shingles age, they can be brittle and can be damaged by impact, pressure, and moisture. This can result in rotting, ice dams, and mold growth. This can also damage the insulation beneath the shingles. This is why it is important to maintain the quality of your roof at all times.

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