How Can I Prolong My Car’s Life?

We all want our cars to last us a long time. Did you know there are some actions you can do to ensure your car lives a long and well-performing life? Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your car doesn’t go anywhere (besides where you want it to go) for a long time!


Maintain Your Car’s Battery

Keeping your car’s battery working is essential to making sure your car last! To keep the battery functioning, it is recommended you drive your car at least once a week. This means that you shouldn’t leave your car parked and extended for long periods of time!

Keep Tires Well-Maintained

Keeping your tires in excellent condition can make a world of difference for your car. This means keeping your tires well inflated, getting tire rotation services as needed, and even replacing tires when they are too worn out.

Getting Maintenance Services Completed

Getting timely maintenance services can do your car a world of good. Regular maintenance allows a certified technician to check your car thoroughly for any damages, as well as replace filters, fluids, and check your tires.

Keep Your Car Clean

Can cleanliness really extend the life of your vehicle? The answer is yes! When you go too long without cleaning your car, grit can get into moving parts of your vehicle, leading to corrosion. If a few birds have…bared gifts on your car, this can also wreak major havoc on your paintwork! Keep your car clean and free of any trouble down the road.

Avoid Potholes

Avoiding potholes on the road can actually do your car a lot of good. This is because driving continuously over potholes can lead to tire wear and misalignment of your steering. By avoiding potholes, you are being precautious of your tires and the overall health of your car! Not all potholes can be avoided, so just make sure to drive at a reasonable speed and keep the steering wheel straight.

Park in the Sun

A lot of vehicle owners may not be aware, but parking your car directly in the sunlight can actually cause damage to the paintwork and interior dashboard of your car. Try to park your car in a nice shaded spot to protect it from harsh UV rays, or invest in a good and sturdy windshield sun shade for when you can’t seem to escape the sun!

Get Repairs and Maintenance in Yucaipa!

Doing your part to keep your car in the best working condition includes taking it to a certified auto repair shop when it comes to any needed repairs and maintenance services. If you are looking for a Yucaipa auto repair shop that will take good care of your vehicle when any issues arise, Import Automotive is the business to turn to! By keeping your car clean, maintained, and paying attention to small signs that could indicate trouble, you can keep your car around for a long time.


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